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A merciless, wonderful blow aimed at my chest.

(…Her step in is really good.)

While having that impression in mind, I intercepted it with an upwards slash at an angle.

Our slashes collided, and a metallic sound echoed.

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「Kuh… Right there!」

Having decided that she couldn’t win by force, she immediately spun her body and unleashed a diagonal slash with her left short sword.

(A perfect reaction for when the first attack is defended.)

I’m sure it’s a pattern she has practiced over and over again.

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A fluid movement without any wasted steps. Shifting quickly from a thrust to a slash.

I took half a step back and avoided it with bare minimal movement.

「I’m going to kick you in the side.」


When Lou heard my warning, she instantly defended her abdomen with the double sword.

I threw a middle kick containing my body weight right there

「Guh, heavy!」

As she was blown away, she managed to reorganize her posture in mid-air and splendidly killed the impact.

(Reaction speed and defensive movement are good.)

Because of her small physique, her slashes are a little『light』, but…

It shouldn’t matter once her body grows.