What is the most profitable in 2018

What is the most profitable in 2018

“I can tell that this author is quite something. He probably had experience in finance and investment industries before he started working in self-media. He’s quite clear about the situation in the industry and has sharp eyes. His writing style isn’t bad either.”

“However... The article he wrote was far from enough to describe the workings of Boss Pei, Meng Chang, and the cold-faced lady.

“Of course, this can’t be blamed on him. After all, there are many details that outsiders have no way of knowing. This author did not have the means to find out, so he naturally could not write about it.”

“Take the news conference when the Cold-Faced Lady was first established for example. Meng Chang was on stage, Boss Ma was in the middle of a verbal confrontation, and Boss Pei was intentionally or unintentionally targeting the Cold-Faced Lady. He made the investors wait and see, but no one took over... These scheming plots were not written at all.”

“The author of this article thinks that Meng Chang messed up the Cold-Faced Lady first based on the information he gathered. Boss Pei modified the Cold-Faced Lady after that. However, the relationship between the two is much more complicated than he imagined. In fact, Boss Pei was behind the Cold-Faced Lady ever since it was established. The reason why the Cold-Faced Lady and Meng Chang ended up like this can’t be separated from Boss Pei!”

“If this news can be revealed... it would be even more critical to the reversal of the Cold-Faced Lady’s reputation!”

Xue Zhebin nodded in realization. “That’s right!”

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“The best way to reverse the reputation of the Cold-Faced Lady is to tell everyone that the Cold-Faced Lady has changed bosses. Boss Pei asked the Cold-Faced Lady to hold this Street Food Contest to convey this message.”

“If everyone could understand the various details of the Cold-Faced Lady from its establishment to its collapse, it would be able to shift everyone’s disgust towards the Cold-Faced Lady to Meng Chang and recognize the brand again because of Boss Pei.”

“Boss Li, you mean...”

Li Shi chuckled. “Contact this author and tell him that I have some exclusive insider information about the cold-faced lady. I hope to borrow the power of his article to let more people know.”

January 17th, Tuesday.

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Pei Qian woke up as usual and went to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for breakfast.