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At that moment, there was a knock on the office door. Xue Zhebin pushed the door open and entered.

“Boss Li, I did my research. Tengda is indeed interested in buying or renting the shops on the street near the Thriller Hostel. What’s more, they seemed to have issued an ultimatum yesterday. They would either rent or sell. Food Street would choose to bypass shops that are not cooperative!”

“The situation over there is quite chaotic now. The shop owners might be talking about forming an alliance, but all of them are actually scheming. As far as I know, several shops have already signed contracts with Tengda...”

Xue Zhebin explained everything he knew in detail.

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Li Shi could not help but feel energized. “Very good! It’s exactly the same as what I expected!”

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“I think they only spoke about long term rental previously. They now have an additional purchase plan. Boss Pei must have provided a huge sum of money. This is enough to prove that Boss Pei values this place!”

Li Shi had already gotten hold of this news when the construction of the snack market had just begun. However, he had never had a good idea of how to drink this soup.

That was because there were many shops around the snack market but they were all in a half-dead state. Wouldn’t it be a huge loss if the shops were in the opposite direction of Tengda’s development?

However, the goal was now clear.

Obviously, Tengda’s goal was to connect the snack market and Thriller Hostel through a one-kilometer-long snack street to form a link!

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That way, tourists could walk all the way to the snack market at night after shopping at Thriller Hostel and enjoy all sorts of delicacies.

It was said that a new large project was being built inside the Thriller Hostel. That way, the economy in the surroundings would be further revitalized.

Tengda had obviously thought of a solution to those shops asking for sky-high prices.

The greed of humans was endless. They could not be satisfied with these shops. Otherwise, if the first shop successfully raised the price, they would raise the price as well. They would have to argue with every shop, and this would not end.

Tengda offered the same price for all the shops. They offered two proposals – long-term rents and buy out. That was already generous enough.

If this was not Tengda’s project, Li Shi would definitely think that it was more worth it to buy than to rent.

That was because there was a time value to the funds. As long as the bosses of those shops did not spend the money purely, but chose to use the funds to make more promising investments, the profits generated in 10 years would definitely be much greater than 50%!<(MISSING)/p>