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At the moment, no one was deliberately raising the price because there were simply too many slots. If one of the slots became too expensive, the others would not fight for it. Instead, they would fight for the other slots.

Each club’s price had stabilized at about 14 million yuan, and each GPL slot’s price had stabilized at about ten million yuan.

They could definitely continue increasing, but they would increase much slower. That was because the higher the price became, the more careful and calculative everyone would be.

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Once the GOG teams became more expensive, everyone began to fight for the GPL slots instead.

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

Good, good, good. It seemed that everyone was still relatively rational and not acting rashly.

Li Shi and Lin Chang did not cause any trouble by raising the price maliciously as well. That was good.

The current price had not reached Pei Qian’s bottom line.

In fact, Pei Qian did not care how much the clubs sold for. After all, Tengda would not be receiving the money. The key was how much the GPL slots would be sold for.

Pei Qian’s bottom line for each GPL slot was 15 million yuan. That added up to about 90 million yuan.

Now, they were only going for ten million yuan, but the bidding had already slowed down. That was a good sign.

Thus, Pei Qian’s expression gradually relaxed.