What is wrong with online?

What is wrong with online?

The geek’s body gradually became stiff as he ran. His body seemed to solidify and turn into a slide show. He could only make fixed movements with a look of horror on his face.

Suddenly, the pure white platform appeared in front of him again. This time, he rushed over with all his might and slammed the red button with the word ‘true’.

At the moment he struck, everything around him collapsed!

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The high-tech clothing on his body disappeared without a trace, turning into his original daily clothes.

In the end, the homebody took off the VR glasses that he had been wearing with fear and threw them far away.

The fragile VR glasses hit a wall and flew far away. They bounced up and fell on the ground, rolling and finally breaking into pieces.

The geek looked around and realized that he had returned to the real world. The familiar bedroom, desk, and computer only had a special logo and a line of words on the computer screen.

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This special logo was the logo of Slow Movement Studio. A horizontal line crossed the middle, and the small word was ‘The Era Of Virtual Reality Is Arriving’!

The homebody heaved a sigh of relief. Obviously, what he saw at that moment was all an illusion. Perhaps he had fallen asleep and had a nightmare.

He picked up the glass of water on the table, stood up, and went to get some water.

However,a pot of flowers suddenly became messy in an inconspicuous corner of the room just as he turned around and left. Different colors mixed into mosaics.

It was like a game with bugs.