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Pei Qian clicked in subconsciously.

He was momentarily stunned when he saw the author’s pen name.

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“The Tentacled Beast that Writes for His Life? Isn’t that Cui Geng? He’s still writing?!”

Pei Qian felt very perplexed. He was very fond of Cui Geng because Cui Geng played a very crucial role in the spreading of Tengda spirit in the class.

However, Pei Qian’s impression of Cui Geng was still lingering in his ‘complete speech’ and ‘special observer’ status.

Pei Qian went to understand about Cui Geng’s income. Based on his average subscription and average updating rate, his monthly income could only be around 10,000 yuan.

The income of a special observer might not be high, but the actual value would obviously be over that amount if he were to add on all sorts of Tengda’s subsidies and benefits.

Moreover, his position did not have a specific scope. He would still earn the same amount of money even if he were to play games all day long.

What motivation would Cui Geng have to update his novel comparing it this way?

Pei Qian was a little confused. Why would a lazy bum with no reason to update his novel write a new book? This...

Something was definitely wrong. He glanced at the total number of words in this novel: 260,000 words!

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The first chapter was published on February 2nd, New Year’s Eve!