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He started off the moment he had swallowed the last mouthful of hisbreakfast, came home at six o'clock, dined in haste, and disappearedagain, not to return until about midnight. He had hours of deliriousjoy, and moments of frightful discouragement. Sometimes he seemedhorribly uneasy.

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"What can he be doing?" thought Mme. Favoral.

She ventured to ask him the question one morning, when he was infine humor.

"Well," he answered, "am I not the master? I am operating at thebourse, that's all!"He could hardly have owned to any thing that would have frightenedthe poor woman as much.

"Are you not afraid," she objected, "to lose all we have sopainfully accumulated? We have children -"He did not allow her to proceed.

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"Do you take me for a child?" he exclaimed; "or do I look to youlike a man so easy to be duped? Mind to economize in your householdexpenses, and don't meddle with my business."And he continued. And he must have been lucky in his operations;for he had never been so pleasant at home. All his ways had changed.

He had had clothes made at a first-class tailor's, and was evidentlytrying to look elegant. He gave up his pipe, and smoked only cigars.

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He got tired of giving every morning the money for the house, andtook the habit of handing it to his wife every week, on Sunday. Amark of vast confidence, as he observed to her. And so, the firsttime:

"Be careful," he said, "that you don't find yourself pennilessbefore Thursday."He became also more communicative. Often during the dinner, hewould tell what he had heard during the day, anecdotes, gossip.

He enumerated the persons with whom he had spoken. He named anumber of people whom he called his friends, and whose names Mme.

Favoral carefully stored away in her memory.

There was one especially, who seemed to inspire him with a profoundrespect, a boundless admiration, and of whom he never tired oftalking. He was, said he, a man of his age, - M. de Thaller, theBaron de Thaller.

"This one," he kept repeating, "is really mad: he is rich, he hasideas, he'll go far. It would be a great piece of luck if I couldget him to do something for me!"Until at last one day: