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Is there a reliable project on the online charge?

Her face was pressed against my belly, and her voice was muffled, but still...

“......older brother......”

“...... What was that?”

I could hear it clearly.

And the moment she uttered those words, Amae suddenly separated her body from me, and instead held her pompoms in both hands, with her face blushed red...

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“O..... ol...... U~~...... older brother, next time, fight on!”

Moving her body as much as such a little body could, waving and thrusting out her pompoms, and jumping.

The moment I saw that, it was like thunder was echoing in the sky.

“U~, uh!”

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And, perhaps the limit of embarrassment has already been exceeded, Amae just ran away.

I was stunned for a while as I stared at the little back running away.

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“Aha, ahahaha, I guess she worked just as hard.”

“Inya, I’m sorry, Big brother. Amae, really wanted to call you ‘older brother’.”

Elder Sis Tsukshi and other sisters were also smiling at Amae’s appearance.

But I still couldn’t move an inch.

“If possible, could you forgive her?”

“Yes. she’s been fidgeting for the past few weeks or so, getting all excited and eager to say something.”