Is it true that the part-time order is true?

Is it true that the part-time order is true?

Lin Wan smiled. “Mr. Eric, why didn’t you say anything about coming to Jingzhou? Tengda should host you.”

“That’s right, Mr. Eric. This is the Boss Pei you’ve been longing to meet.”

Eric was stunned.

He had not watched Boss Pei’s Daily Life, nor had he paid attention to Tengda’s latest news. Thus, he was only surprised. He had not expected Boss Pei to be so young.

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The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss. Employees over thirty years old were extremely rare in the entire Tengda Corporation. How did this group of young people make Dayak Corporation suffer so much?

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Eric no longer dared to belittle Boss Pei. He extended his hand and said, “Boss Pei, nice to meet you.”

At first, he was worried that Boss Pei would ridicule him with the attitude of a victor. After all, Boss Pei was a young man in his twenties. It was normal for him to take the opportunity to make sarcastic remarks since he had achieved such a huge victory at such a young age.

However, Boss Pei did not do that. Instead, he smiled and took his hand. “Mr Eric, nice to meet you. I’m really sorry. I was too busy with work the last time you came to Jingzhou so I didn’t have time to entertain you. How about this, if you have time, I’ll treat you to a meal?”

Eric’s expression changed looking at Boss Pei’s sincere attitude. He could not figure out what Boss Pei was up to.

Was this a courtesy unique to Asians? Or was it a type of sarcasm unique to Asians?

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The cultural gap made Eric feel a little lost.

Pei Qian was very envious of Eric’s ‘results’ over the past few months.