what should i invest my money in

what should i invest my money in

This was the plan that Pei Qian had racked his brains to come up with.

The Ocean Stronghold’s success had proved that this bunch was not hooligans. Especially people like Huang Sibo had proved to be a hidden talent in the gaming industry! Pei Qian didn’t have the time to lament why he was so unlucky and always encountered hidden talents like this, and his top priority had been to get rid of this problem.

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If not, if Huang Sibo and Bao Xu continued to be in charge and created yet another money-making game, wouldn’t he be in trouble??

Hence, Pei Qian had to execute his first place elimination plan!

However, Pei Qian couldn’t fire Huang Sibo and couldn’t demote him either. Logically speaking, that would cause suspicion and the system would not allow this as well.

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Hence, Pei Qian thought of this perfect way.

He could just deploy Huang Sibo somewhere else, right? Huang Sibo could indeed have a little flair at game creation; fine, that was alright. Since that was the case, then Pei Qian wasn’t going to let Huang Sibo continue doing games!

Pei Qian would ask him to go to an industry foreign to Huang Sibo and give him a million yuan to do as he liked; most likely, he would end up in failure! At that time, without Huang Sibo around, the game might start to incur losses while Huang Sibo might lose another one million due to mismanagement; wasn’t that the best of both worlds?

Haha, I am indeed a genius! To be able to think of such a perfect plan!

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Pei Qian was extremely pleased with himself.

However, come to think of it…

Bao Xu was another thorn in his side.

Ocean Stronghold’s success had also been due to Bao Xu’s creativity. Bao Xu’s rich gaming experience must have given him this insight.