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"Good morning. Will your partner be coming later?" she asked me.

"Partner? No, I'm alone" I replied to her.

Of course, given that the people around us are mostly couples it's natural to ask that question, but I'd like her to think more about us singles.

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Perhaps she still has something to say, but the woman with an apologetic face continued on.

"I'm afraid Sensei's fortune-telling is for couples only..." she told me.

"So it's impossible for me alone?" I asked.

She nods slightly and points forward. I could not see it well through the crowd of people, but there was a certain note that warned about the requirements.

'We will be guiding you as a pair. Please be aware of this fact' it said.

Reasonable. There shouldn't be a single person like me here after all. Since I had not been confronted with an awkward situation like this before, it couldn't be helped. It seems right now, I'm in a very difficult position.

And also, I understand now the reason why Sudou wanted to invite Horikita out here. In this format of fortune-telling, he and Horikita would have a long time to talk to each other while lining up for the fortune-telling and they can spend a long time together until the fortune-telling is over.

"That also means I never even mattered from the start" I muttered.

Having realized it all now, Sudou's words and behaviour start to take on an entirely new meaning. That I was never even invited in the first place. And even if I had been, I wonder if he would have found an excuse to shake me off. What a sad story.