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"Please follow me to the parlor, then," she said with a heavy sigh.

M. de Tregars did so, whilst observing everything around him withthe attentive perspicacity of a deputy sheriff preparing to makeout an inventory.

Being double, the house was much more spacious than could havebeen thought from the street, and arranged with that science ofcomfort which is the genius of modern architects.

The most lavish luxury was displayed on all sides; not that solid,quiet, and harmonious luxury which is the result of long years ofopulence, but the coarse, loud, and superficial luxury of theparvenu, who is eager to enjoy quick, and to possess all that hehas craved from others.

The vestibule was a folly, with its exotic plants climbing alongcrystal trellises, and its Sevres and China jardinieres filled withgigantic azaleas. And along the gilt railing of the stairs marbleand bronze statuary was intermingled with masses of growing flowers.

"It must take twenty thousand francs a year to keep up thisconservatory alone," thought M. de Tregars.

Meantime the old chambermaid opened a satinwood door with silverlock.

"That's the parlor," she said. "Take a seat whilst I go and tellmadame."In this parlor everything had been combined to dazzle. Furniture,carpets, hangings, every thing, was rich, too rich, furiously,incontestably, obviously rich. The chandelier was a masterpiece,the clock an original and, unique piece of work. The pictureshanging upon the wall were all signed with the most famous names.

"To judge of the rest by what I have seen," thought M. de Tregars,"there must have been at least four or five hundred thousand francsspent on this house."And, although he was shocked by a quantity of details which betrayedthe most absolute lack of taste, he could hardly persuade himselfthat the cashier of the Mutual Credit could be the master of thissumptuous dwelling; and he was asking himself whether he had notfollowed the wrong scent, when a circumstance came to put an end toall his doubts.

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Upon the mantlepiece, in a small velvet frame, was Vincent Favoral'sportrait.

M. de Tregars had been seated for a few minutes, and was collectinghis somewhat scattered thoughts, when a slight grating sound, anda rustling noise, made him turn around.

Mme. Zelie Cadelle was coming in.