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My admired creator, NOBE’s new game, is published. I immediately tried to play it before sleeping. However, the unpredictable prologue is already making me crazy.

Can I really finish this game and go to sleep…?

“I didn’t expect the young general Shigeru to be the true protagonist…”

It’s been 30 minutes. I made the protagonist Shigeru do side quests like “borrow soy sauce from the Nishimura-san next door.” I sighed at the same time.

The title of this game is < The Bug-eating Battleship: Sweet Potato> . The prologue also described < The Vegetable Battleship: Tomato> .

Yet, the main story is about Shigeru’s daily lives.

“…I feel like someone forced him to make a human into the protagonist.”

I guessed the development environment the creator’s in as I continued.

“Well, I guess the two storylines will merge sooner or later.”

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I stopped guessing and continued playing. I played for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, …30 minutes, …an hour.

“Shigeru, go borrow me some compress.”

“Endless errands!”

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I literally want to change the title to < Errands Guy: Shigeru> .

There’s not even a single bit of combat. I’m just running errands.