Disposing money online

Disposing money online

Pei Qian immediately replied with an excuse that he had already thought of. “Of course, it’s because I want to promote Bunny Tail Live-Stream.”

“Live-streaming is obviously one of the trends in the future. Currently, Bunny Tail Live-stream does not have much advantage over other live-stream platforms. Buying the exclusive broadcast rights of ICL is the first step for Bunny Tail Live-stream to challenge those veteran live-stream platforms.”

These words were pure nonsense, but they sounded extremely reasonable to Eric.

Eric asked, “In that case, why didn’t you broadcast GPL on Bunny Tail live-stream?”

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“Er...” Pei Qian paused.

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What Eric meant was, why don’t you put the good stuff already in your hands into Bunny Tail Live-Stream since you wanted to make Bunny Tail Live-Stream popular? Why did you buy it from me?

The motive was very suspicious!

However, Pei Qian quickly reacted. “Bunny Tail live-stream has just been released. Its structure is not very stable yet. GPL’s live-stream has been arranged. It will be released soon.”

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In order to eliminate Eric’s doubts and successfully buy the exclusive broadcasting rights of the ICL league, he could only broadcast the GPL on Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

Eric nodded slightly, the doubt in his eyes finally gone.

There shouldn’t be much of a problem if Boss Pei had placed the GPL league in Bunny Tail live-stream.

If the bandwidth of the Bunny Tail live-stream was not wide enough, GPL’s live-stream would also be affected if it was lagging.

What’s more, both parties could make a series of detailed agreements when signing the contract. Eric could immediately terminate the cooperation if anything went wrong.