What does it mean to make money on a mobile phone?

What does it mean to make money on a mobile phone?

Pay inequity was common because most companies would not adjust all their employees’ salaries based on the market price each year. They simply could not bear to part with the capital.

It was for that reason that most companies prohibited their employees from talking about their salaries. If they did so, pay inequity would be exposed; many employees would become unsatisfied and quit.

If a supervisor found out that he had been doing more work than his subordinate but being paid a lower salary, he would naturally become upset.

As a company that had been established for more than a year, Tengda had also conducted several recruitment drives. Although it often increased employees’ salaries, each person’s role, experience, and capabilities were different after all. Thus, pay inequity was still present.

Of course, there was much less pay inequity in Tengda than in other companies because of frequent pay increments and significant company benefits.

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Still, Hao Yun found it important to build a firm foundation based on the ‘cornerstone spirit’. Pay inequity was a hidden threat. Although most companies did not care about it and nothing was likely to happen even if Tengda turned a blind eye, Hao Yun still chose to report it to Boss Pei and allow him to make the decision.

Pei Qian took the documents from Hao Yun, but the lines of numbers only made him dizzy. He pretended to read it, and then said, “Do you mean that a few newer employees are being paid more than the older employees?”

Hao Yun pondered for a moment and said, “That’s right, but the situation is a bit more complicated in reality. “Simply put, the ‘older employees’ joined the company six months earlier than the ‘newer employees’. The former are more capable and experienced than the latter, but they are only earning two hundred yuan more. That’s a form of pay inequity as well.”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up at once. Beautifully done! I had been worried about not being able to increase my employees’ pay! “That’s easy to deal with. Pay them more!

“Check all the employees’ salaries against the highest-paid and newest employee at regular intervals. Make sure that all the older employees are being paid adequately!”

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Hao Yun was stunned. “Er, Boss Pei, of course, that would be the best. Doing so would be easy while we have few employees. However, I have to remind you that as the number of employees increases, the amount that we would have to top up would also increase. It might even surpass our imaginations.

“Other companies basically... try to scrimp and save in this area. Companies in various industries do that.”

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The amount that we would have to top up would keep increasing? That’s great!