Why is it possible to make money online?

Why is it possible to make money online?

Pei Qian knew that Lin Canrong was bootlicking; he wasn’t interested in such things and was actually very repulsed.

Such bootlicking was putting salt on Boss Pei’s wounds!

However, Pei Qian couldn’t not-listen. He had to find out from Lin Canrong’s bootlicking, where he had gone wrong with Ming Yun Private Kitchen!

Lin Canrong had not realized Boss Pei’s change in attitude and happily continued talking.

“Come to think of it, my understanding of rich people is really shallow. Jingzhou doesn’t have that many rich folks. Furthermore, most of them recognize that our private kitchen is specifically targeting them. Hence, you deciding not to do any publicity was the accurate move.

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“That is because information spreads so rapidly within this small circle!

“That customer Xue Zhebin had seen Zhang Zuting’s Weibo message and started to look for this place. He had then found Quanmin Reviews’ Wang Peng; Boss Wang told him about this place. In the end, Boss Wang had left his ratings and review on Quanmin Reviews; and Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s popularity had skyrocketed! “I didn’t think that it was so simple for a low-key restaurant like ours to become so popular so fast! “Of course, your other strategies had also complemented this. “Ming Yun Private Kitchen didn’t have a name. As such, Boss Wang had not left a name on Quanmin Reviews. This immediately showcased the uniqueness of Ming Yun Private Kitchen and triggered a debate!


“Furthermore, as we didn’t have a name, every time someone left the name column blank and searched for keywords; they would all find our restaurant. That was how our visibility had been raised!

“The most crucial point was the rules you have set for our restaurant, such as no taking of photos and changing of the table setting and cutlery according to the dishes served, our wait staff’s breezy and attentive service… all these aspects satisfied our customers’ expectations. Among the ballers, everyone is praising all these!

“The good reputation of our restaurant among the ballers also had an impact on ordinary consumers. Although our dishes are rather expensive, most ordinary customers that came all felt that it was worth their buck. This was precisely because the ballers had sung their praises!”

Lin Canrong continued to praise Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s success model; he wasn’t just bootlicking Boss Pei but was also saying all these emotively. He had personally experienced everything. Initially, he did not understand Boss Pei’s arrangements and had not been optimistic about the private kitchen’s prospects.

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Now, all his misgivings had all been cleared and Boss Pei’s astute arrangements had worked! Pei Qian was lost for words. Lin Canrong’s words came in from his left ear and left in the right ear; he didn’t remember much of it. Two names, however, Pei Qian now remembered.

One was Xue Zhebin, and another was Wang Peng. These were the two culprits!