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Leia-Lasnode of Thousand Blade Academy.

Ferris-Dorahain of Ice King Academy.

With the three other Directors of the Five Academy’s.

The agenda is the second match of the Big Five Holy Festival – the battle of Allen-Rodore vs. Sid-Euclius. There were two obvious violations of the rules seen there.

It was an old gentleman from the『government』, who had no interest with any of the Five Academy’s, was entrusted with the progress of this conference. He announced the result of the voting with a stern voice.

「-Then, by five votes in favor and zero against, I will suspend Sid-Euclius of Ice King Academy for a month.」

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「「「「「No Objection!」」」」」

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The opinions of all the directors, including Leia, were completely unanimous. Ignoring the referee’s restraint, and executed a lethal attack on the opponent.

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Although the attempt was prevented by Allen, it was a clear violation of the rules, and punishment was inevitable. The debate over Sid’s suspension was settled early, and the meeting finally moved on to today’s subject.

「-Then, I would like to continue to discuss the punishment of Thousand Blade Academy’s Allen-Rodore. First of all, whether or not to sentence the heaviest『expulsion』punishment. Please discuss carefully for thirty minutes.」

The next moment the old gentleman said so, the directors began to express their opinions.

「Obviously it has to be expulsion!」

「I agree. In fact, he should be turned over to the Holy Knights for attempted murder.」

「E-Err, I… think… it can’t be helped but to expel him…」

「Un Un, when I think about what he did to our Sid… I have no choice but to vote for expulsion.」

「Wait! Allen at that time was completely in an unsound state! I don’t think he was responsible!」

In terms of numbers, Leia was in a completely unfavorable situation.