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Bao Xu seemed really tired. Was Bao Xu less energetic than usual after returning from this trip? Previously, if anyone faced any problems about the game designs or if anyone had things to consult him about, he would be very eager to help.

Furthermore, Bao Xu would repeatedly try out the latest games that they were developing and would find the respective designers directly if he had any suggestions on how to improve the game.

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The previous time he returned from his trip, he tried out the games on the day he returned and could enter his ‘work mode’ very quickly.

However, Bao Xu seemed disinterested in working today. Very soon, Bao Xu finished distributing all his souvenirs to everyone, including Boss Pei who was trying out a game in his office.

After that, he returned to his work desk, clicked open an overseas Triple-A game, wore his headphones, and switched on his ‘autistic model.

He had come up with that idea during his month-long torture. The first thing that he would do when he returned to the company was hide his abilities! As a partially autistic person, Bao Xu was resented every moment in Europe when he tried to communicate with foreigners using his broken English. His tears then were the water that went into his head earlier!

When he recalled what happened then, Bao Xu realized that the outcome of him coming in second during the Outstanding Employee Selection might have come unexpected but was foreseeable.

He should have predicted such a terrible outcome!

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Lu Mingliang was the chief planner and had spent the most effort in producing the game. Who was the next in line?

It was definitely Bao Xu.

Bao Xu had the greatest workload and contribution within the design team. Since Ocean Stronghold, he had been responsible for the creative elements of the games. He would offer many suggestions in areas such as the gameplay, details, and balance of the games.

He had such a strong presence within the team. How could anyone not vote for him?

This time, after he came back, Bao Xu thought about it deeply. If this continued, there were only two possibilities for him during the next Best Employee Selection.

One, he would leave with the one million yuan Dream Fund, just like what Lu Mingliang did.

This outcome was acceptable to him. However, Bao Xu could not bear to part with his coworkers if he had to leave the design team.