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how to make money on you tube

“Quickly, look at this!” Huang Sibo handed them the cell phone.

They looked at Huang Sibo’s cell phone and saw a hot post. Its title was ‘Recording Tomorrow is Beautiful’s daily online ratings to see how psychotic the fake reviewers areupdated regularly’.

The contents of the post were quite simple. Tomorrow is Beautiful’s daily ratings on various websites had been captured via screenshots. For example, there were screenshots of the film having a rating of 8.8 on Gou Yan application at first but then subsequently dropping to 8.3. Obviously, fake reviewers were running wild.

The situation was the same on other websites as well. The movie’s ratings dropped at varying speeds.

However, one website was an exception.

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On TPDb, Tomorrow is Beautiful’s ratings hovered around 9.1. It was extremely stable!

Netizens who were following this post obviously also noticed this phenomenon. The TPDb had not changed like the other website so it stuck out conspicuously like a firefly at night.

“Strange, why did the ratings on this site not change at all?”

“Did the fake reviewers not notice this site because it is too small?”

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“Impossible. The fake reviewers are not picky about who they work with. Several websites much smaller than this did not escape their evil hands. How could they just let it go?”

“Moreover, there are quite a few users on this website. You would be considered ignorant if you have never heard of it, alright?”

“Huh, what website is this?”

“Tengda Project Database, containing the ratings and evaluations of every project in Tengda Group. That includes every game and every physical store.”