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“Why? Because two out of three of us are from Class D?”

“I don’t care about that. It seems like the private points will be evenly split, but…. it’s you guys that asked for my help, so if I don’t get extra it’s kinda…”

After Amasawa said that, she made a fist with her left hand, then made the gesture of asking for a tip: pinching her thumb and index finger together and then rubbing them.

“Since you’re trying to bribe me, isn’t it natural for me to increase my price?”

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“What an arrogant attitude. Be it Nanase or you, both of you women are bolder than Yagami and Takahashi.”

“Don’t you know? Nowadays, girls are the stronger ones.”

“Fine, I’ll listen to what you have to say. What else do you want, besides the group rewards?”

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“First place, of course, but that’s not the only thing that’s important—”

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Amasawa changed the position of her left hand, and raised only her thumb to her neck.

Then, slowly slid it from right to left…

“I must receive all the points from the bounty to expel Ayanokouji-senpai. That’s my condition for forming a group with you.”

“Hah, you’re demanding a lot, eh? That’s not a condition I can easily agree to.”

“So you are gonna say no? However, what will you do without me? If you don’t have a comrade apart from Nanase-chan that you can trust, won’t you have a difficult time during this special exam?”

Just like Amasawa had said earlier, Housen had already made enemies on all sides.