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It was a busy time where they were constantly swamped with work.

None of the teachers had the freedom to do anything but devote themselves to their work, day after day.

However, the teachers in charge of the first-year students had much more on their minds than their colleagues.

“That should wrap everything up regarding the details of the first-years’ final special exam, as well as the incorporation of the new system we’ll be putting in place.”

A lone man finished up his explanation on the final special exam of the year in front of all of the staff members.

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When it came to the second and third-year students, the explanation hadn’t been too different from usual. However, that wasn’t true for the first-years.

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“If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.”

Within this tense, biting atmosphere, the man looked around at each of the teachers who were listening carefully.

The silence lasted for several seconds.

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“If I may, Acting Director Tsukishiro.”

With a raise of the hand, first-year Class A’s homeroom teacher, Mashima, broke the silence that had been enshrouding the staff room.

Both Chabashira and Hoshinomiya, homeroom teachers of the same grade, turned their gaze toward Mashima as well.

The man, Acting Director Tsukishiro, had already noticed that many of the first-year homeroom teachers were harboring doubts about his plan. Rather, he thought that it would’ve been unreasonable if they hadn’t seemed at least a little doubtful.