How to report part-time money to make money

How to report part-time money to make money

However, Boss Pei’s thinking was still unpredictable.

Boss Pei asked them to promote Food Harmony immediately to all Fish-Catching Take-Out stores, even if they were in third-tier cities.

That simultaneously included all Fish-Catching Take-Outs in Fish-Catching Internet Cafes.

That way, every store had to reinvest a lot of money to buy food boxes, train chefs, and buy ingredients. All the stores’ losses were now greatly increased again!

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Originally, Rui Yuchen had seen a little profit which instantly became a black hole of losses with the new maneuvers from Boss Pei.

What did Boss Pei mean?

Rui Yuchen was really puzzled.

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He had also discussed these issues with Lin Canrong from the Nameless restaurant. However, Lin Canrong could not say anything. He could only wait patiently if he could not figure it out. Boss Pei must have certain other arrangements.

Therefore, Rui Yuchen was busy these days opening stores, promoting Food Harmony while trying to figure out Boss Pei’s true intentions 24 hours a day.

However, all was still for naught.

Rui Yuchen found an empty seat to continue pondering over what Boss Pei meant after giving some guests the samples of Fish-Catching Take-Out at Shop Number One.

However, there were plenty of new order notifications in the store suddenly.

Ding, new order.

Ding, new order.

Ding, new, ding, ding, new order.