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She-, no, it’s he, Keita Amano, escaped from my hands as if it’s tickling him as he smiled embarrassingly…However, based on the baffling sense of responsibility that he has to be angry in this situation. The boy answered me with a pretty subtle tone.

“I-It’s really long! But, …we’re not in a rush today, anyways…”

“Isn’t it fine then?”

“B-But, I don’t think it’s good to be late and acted like there’s nothing wrong when you’re meeting with someone.”

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“I already apologized. If we’re friends, you have to forgive me on minor issues like this.”

“F-Friends! Y-You’re right, we’re friends…Y-Yes.”

The classmate that’s easy to coax is mumbling a bit excitedly, “Friends, …ho, ho, friends.”

I shrugged my shoulders helplessly at Amano, then I urged him “we’re going” before taking the first step.

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“Ah, wait, …wait for me, Uehara-kun.”

Then, Amano quickly rushed next to me and walked on my side.

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We directly left the school and headed towards downtown.

During this time, Amano slightly tilted his head and asked me.

“By the way, Uehara-kun, where did you go? It looks like you’re walking to the entrance from outside…”

“I need to do some errands.”

“Errands, …it sounds like there’s another meaning.”

“Nope, it’s not like that. Although I want to bicker with you, it’s really just something trivial.”