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“I have a workshop in my hometown in the nearby county. This is just a rudimentary form that was done in a few hours.”

He Desheng remained silent for quite some time before he managed to squeeze out a word. “Impressive.”

He held the real photo and the disassembly diagram of the ‘shared phone booth’ in his hand.

It was not the same as what was mentioned before. Boss Pei increased the budget after all. The design of the phone booth should be adjusted accordingly.

It would stand at 2.2 meters high and cover an area of about two square meters. It was significantly larger than the phone booths he had in mind and was spacious enough to sit two.

This shared phone booth seemed indeed easy to install and disassemble, judging from the disassembly diagram. The frames were not welded. Just remove a few pieces of tempered glass, and one could tow the frames away easily.

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The key parts of the assembly and disassembly could be locked.

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Of course, that was just a sample that Zhang Wang made in his ‘workshop’. They would need to consider all aspects of the material, strength, cost, and other detail if they were to start manufacturing it.

At least there were samples; they were just not shipped here.

There were some other aspects in the physical photo of the phone booth with some detailed explanations.

For example, there was a counter with a small coffee machine, jukebox, three-port charger, Wi-Fi, bookshelf, capsule machine, and two folding seats next to it. There was a small screen in the phone booth of which the contents could be clearly seen by the people outside through the glass.

Of course, a phone should not be missing from a shared phone booth.