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If one saw it as a barrier to turn gamers away, they would definitely feel uncomfortable. Yet, what if one took it as a free introductory game? Wouldn’t it be different?

The Lonely Desert Road, Game Designer, and the eye-tracking game had all been free of charge. To Qiao Liang, this was already very commendable.

Qiao Liang knew that games were products of culture. Not everyone would like every game. It would be unreasonable for gamers to view manufacturers as good-hearted when they produced games to their liking but incorrigible when they produced games that they did not find enjoyable.

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This was applicable to Be Quiet, too. Gamers had to fulfill prerequisites before obtaining the right to purchase the game. Objectively speaking, that could have turned many gamers away. However, there was nothing wrong with it in itself.

Tengda had never promised to allow all gamers to purchase their games under any circumstances and no matter what. Of course, there was no need for them to do so as well.

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Game manufacturers and gamers had the right to choose one another. Players would choose not to play certain games developed by certain manufacturers. At the same time, manufacturers could choose to give up earning revenue from a portion of the public.

Both parties had to be willing to enter the transaction. Neither could be forced to buy or sell, and both had to be given equal power. Then, neither could blame the other for being unfair.

What’s more, Boss Pei had always been a unique designer. He was not one to bend backward to fit the gamers’ taste.

Thus, Qiao Liang always found himself supporting Boss Pei’s decisions.

He was a game manufacturer, providing gamers with a top-quality game at an affordable price. He had even waived all costs for the previous two games. Yet, he was being scolded for setting prerequisites for gamers to fulfill before they could purchase the game?

That didn’t make sense.

Still, even with that said, Qiao Liang was finding it difficult to explain certain aspects of the situation. Although it was the manufacturer’s right to set pre-requisites for their customers, was it really necessary?

What benefit would this bring to the manufacturer?

That was the main question that Qiao Liang had. At that moment, he frowned. He was trying to figure out the answer to that question based on what he understood about Boss Pei.

“I feel like Boss Pei did not mean to tell customers ‘I won’t let you play this game’. Instead, it was more like ‘if you can’t even solve this simple riddle, you probably won’t be able to enjoy this game, and so you shouldn’t bother buying it at all’.

“That thought seems very familiar. Where have I seen it before?