Xuanwei online part-time earnings

Xuanwei online part-time earnings

“Once I find a suitable place, I’ll hurry up and come up with a specific design plan. I’ll report to you as soon as the plan is out!”

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, go!”

“Try your best to choose a bigger location. Don’t worry about funding!”

April 23rd, Monday...

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Pei Qian sipped his coffee and checked the work reports from the various departments on his laptop in the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Things were still not looking good for Mission and Choice.

The first week of the movie’s box office had already been released, reaching 170 million yuan. Even though the first day’s box office was only 22 million yuan, the box office after that was constantly increasing.

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The other movies had the highest box office on their first day before they dropped rapidly. However, Mission and Choice was the exact opposite. The momentum was still very shocking after cutting the box office of 20 million yuan on their first day!

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Many cinemas were also constantly increasing the number of screenings for ‘Mission and Choice’. However, the amazing thing was that no matter how much they increased the number of screenings, the number of seats for ‘Mission and Choice’ did not decrease significantly. Many people were even wondering where the new audience came from.

What made Pei Qian’s heart ache even more was that even a professional viewing software like Gou Yan application could not predict the final box office of Mission and Choice.

When the 20 million yuan box office on the first day of Mission and Choice was released, Gou Yan application estimated that the total box office would only be 350 million yuan. It was a sure loss.

However, on the third day, the box office of Mission and Choice suddenly began to rise against the trend. Gou Yan application raised the estimated box office to 500 million yuan.

A week later, the daily box office of Mission and Choice increased instead of decreasing. This made the Gou Yan application’s box office estimation algorithm completely confused. Obviously, 500 million yuan was not enough. Gou Yan application raised the estimated box office to 800 million yuan!

Many people on the internet were puzzled by this number. They thought that Gou Yan application might have underestimated the box office at the beginning and gave a very excessive number now that they were slapped in the face and felt a little embarrassed.

At the moment, the peak of domestic movies’ box office was a very outstanding comedy film. The box office exploded under the right circumstances, making 11 billion yuan directly. The previous box office champion was basically around 6-800 million yuan.

Many film critics thought that a box office explosion of 11 billion yuan was something that could only be chanced upon by luck. The 800 million yuan that Gou Yan application had estimated for Mission and Choice had basically reached the level of the domestic box office champion this year. They would still be strong competitors even if they could not win this box office championship in the end.

In recent years, the box office of Hollywood blockbusters has been around 600 million to 1 billion yuan. The box office that Gou Yan application had estimated for Mission and Choice was even comparable to those popular Hollywood blockbusters.