What is the online purchase lottery?

What is the online purchase lottery?

“What, you got a problem? I’m a year older than Konoha-san. That’s a normal thing for her to call me that right.”

“It’s not. You don’t deserve to be called senpai at all, how arrogant of you. Moreover, our Konoha is cute, smart, gentle, and the student council president. She’s the perfect little sister.”

Konoha-san lowered her head with a blush after Chiaki tried to fend me off.

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“Uwah…we got another person that blatantly praises people here…forgive me…”

Konoha-san seemed to be mumbling something, but I couldn’t much as I’m retorting.

“Konoha-san is indeed adorable and smart. Also, I realized that she has a good personality after I talked to her. I’m convinced that she’ll be a fantastic student council president as well! But I’m really older than her!”

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Konoha-san seemed to have blushed so hard that she had enough and screamed.

“What’s wrong with you two! Pretending to be fighting each other, but you are just trying to mess with me in reality!”

“But, even though you’re older, my sister is surely nobler than you! At least she’s totally different from a prick that buys hentai games in the middle of the day!”


Konoha-san moaned while pressing her chest suddenly. She…she was hit even though she was outside the situation! That’s bad!

“Y-You can scold me, but I won’t allow you to look down upon all hentai gamers!”

“That’s the part that you were trying to defend? What are you? President of the Hentai Game Fan Club?”

“Uh, no…A-Anyway, you can depreciate me, but don’t depreciate all hentai gamers! This is for the sake of someone you treasure!”

I reaffirmed Konoha-san’s depressing look with the corner of my eyes as I announced to Chiaki.

However, I didn’t convey my true meaning to her.

“W-What kind of fallacy is that! Uh, i-if I have to say it, I really didn’t mean to scold at anyone except you…I guess I can apologize for that…”