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“It’s fine. I understand that you’re anxious.”

With a gentle smile, Sakayanagi presented Yamauchi with one final warning.

“That said… Yamauchi-kun, if I catch you eavesdropping on me, sneaking photos, or secretly recording our conversations in the future, our relationship will be over. The two of us will become enemies.”

“N-no problem! I’d never do something like that!”

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“Very well. Then, Masumi-san, if you would, please pat him down.”

“Eh? Me?”



Despite voicing her reluctance, Kamuro proceeded to frisk Yamauchi.

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“It’s getting interesting.”

For Sakayanagi, this was nothing more than a game.

In her mind, the outcome to all of this had already been decided since the very beginning.

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After Yamauchi left, Sakayanagi stayed behind with Kamuro in the karaoke room.

“We’re not going home yet?”

It was just a little past 8:00 PM.

The mall was only open to students until nine, and the karaoke parlor was going to close soon as well.