Is it true if I add WeChat to play lottery?

Is it true if I add WeChat to play lottery?

When I heard about the wonderful training method from Leia-sensei, I worked hard every day to control『Darkness』.

Going through training with the clear goal of『manipulate darkness』instead of swinging my sword aimlessly as before was a little fresh and fun.

During the day, I attended the academy.

After that was over, I participated in the activity of the practice-swing club.

In the evening, I honed my swordsmanship with Ria and Rose.

While living through such a simple daily routine, I was conscious of『darkness』at all times.

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A few, such fulfilling days passed, and it was finally the day of the Sword King Festival.

「Well then, Ria, I’m off.」

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The time was seven o’clock in the morning.

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Having finished my morning preparations, I said goodbye to Ria at the front door.

「Un, be careful. I’ll cheer you on from the audience seat, so make sure to spot me, alright?」

「Aa, I got it.」

The contestants participating in the Sword King Festival had to arrive at the venue a little early.

That’s why I had to leave the dorm first.

「Take care, Allen.」

「Aa, see you later.」