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It looked like Yamauchi was crying entering the tent while walking unsteadily. Although a suitable person, he really did a harsh favor…

Well, let’s go back to Horikita’s state. She disappeared from our views having already started to change into her swimming suit. During that time the number of people waiting for the shower room gradually increased. Behind Karuizawa and the others were Sakura and Ibuki. Two other girls lined in the back.

On the other side, the number of students enjoying their time swimming in the river was big as well. A few minutes later Horikita and Kushida appeared in swimming suits as well.

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I went to the luggage storehouse where the boys’ bags were placed alone. Then I was walking inside the camp from one place to the other searching for a less popular place. When I returned about 5 minutes later, I saw Horikita who was washing herself in the river standing up. The cold river’s water must have been a poison to Horikita’s sick body, but she was satisfied with washing away the mud.

“Uh-oh, looks like you worked hard.”

Seeing Ibuki at the very end of the shower room’s line, I slightly nodded.

I was waiting 15 minutes in front of the boys’ tent for Horikita to come out. She stood stock still for a while, laying her eyes down to check up her condition. She then slowly raised her head looking around. When her eyes met mine, her pupils swayed for a moment. Her figure approaching me with heavy footsteps didn’t seem to be frail.

“… Ayanokouji-kun. Could you come for a moment…”

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I turned around once again to check if Ibuki lined in front of the shower room.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Follow me… We can’t talk here.”

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With only uttering this, Horikita left the camp moving towards the forest.

“What happened? Are we going to enter the forest searching for food again?”

Horikita kept on walking without answering my calls. She stopped once we couldn’t see the camp anymore. Horikita turned back wanting to say something, but hesitated for a moment as if having second thoughts.

“… It was my negligence. I wanted to say to you after I realized it was a mistake. Is that alright?”