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Deal’s soul dress,〈Deadly Venom〉.

It had a terribly distorted shape. The sharp edge of the blade was jagged like a saw. Three sickle-like large blades protrude at the tip of the sword, and a pincushion-like pommel.

It was a horrifying and terrifying soul dress, born only to hurt people.

Moreover, looking closely, a mysterious liquid can be seen coating the blade.

「That unique shape and the liquid coating on the blade… there is almost no doubt that it’s “poison”.」

The knowledgeable president whispered in a small voice so that only we could hear it.

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「As expected of the daughter of House Arcstria, how very knowledgeable. To think you can see through my abilities just by the shape of my soul dress… I’m in big trouble.」

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Deal put on a forced embarrassed face, shrugging his shoulders.

「What a pervert. Eavesdropping on a woman.」the president said.

「Ahaha, I’m sorry. I’ve always had unusually good hearing and can pick up any sound.」

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「Haa, what a troublesome man…」

The president sighed, and tied up her long hair.

At that moment, she quickly raised three fingers, out of Deal’s view. And then made a circle with her thumb and index finger.

(A hand sign?)

When I quickly looked to the left and right, Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai nodded at the same time.

Apparently, it seems to be a hand sign that only the trio can understand.